Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Open Office - a super saver

Way back in 1992 i used Lotus 123 as my desktop productivity suite . It had a word processor, spreadsheet and all. Then came Microsoft office with almost the same set of tools as Lotus. I used MS Office from 1995 till 2003. Thats when i learnt about OpenOffice - A free and open productivity suite , while attending a talk given by Atul Chitnis on Linux . Got a copy from one of the local ILUG members , installed on my laptop ( Acer ) and was amazed at the features it had to offer - A word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database,html editor - wow, it had all that i needed, and the cost - Zero! - Ok maybe not zero if you consider the cost of the cd that i had to copy it on :-).

Today I use Open Office 2.0 and it takes care of all my productivity tools needs and best of all i can export as well as import MS Office files.

So if you do a lot of word processing ( letter, documents) , spreadsheets , presentations then take my advice - get a copy of OpenOffice today and save yourself a hell of a lot of money and licensing headaches.

Whats in a Name ?

"Intelliprise" - my blogs name comes from prefixing one very important word "Intelligent" to "Enterprise" . To succeed in todays cut-throat competitive world of business, an Enterprise needs to be intelligent , and by that i don't only mean the enterprise should have bright people working for it , i want to emphasize on the fact that it should have up to date "Intelligent" data that the average person could leverage to make the enterprise more successful.

With my experience over last 15 years of doing business , i have come to the conclusion that proper IT tools can work wonders for the success of an Enterprise. Hence i have decided that i shall blog to share my experiences of using different IT Tools ( basically software application) that could help a business leverage its existing infrastructure. These software application ( mostly open source) have helped me in the past and i hope that they shall help my blog visitors enterprises.