Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whats in a Name ?

"Intelliprise" - my blogs name comes from prefixing one very important word "Intelligent" to "Enterprise" . To succeed in todays cut-throat competitive world of business, an Enterprise needs to be intelligent , and by that i don't only mean the enterprise should have bright people working for it , i want to emphasize on the fact that it should have up to date "Intelligent" data that the average person could leverage to make the enterprise more successful.

With my experience over last 15 years of doing business , i have come to the conclusion that proper IT tools can work wonders for the success of an Enterprise. Hence i have decided that i shall blog to share my experiences of using different IT Tools ( basically software application) that could help a business leverage its existing infrastructure. These software application ( mostly open source) have helped me in the past and i hope that they shall help my blog visitors enterprises.

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